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We design and make your dreams come true

Interior and exterior design

We design and make your dreams come true

Interior and exterior design

We design and make your dreams come true

Interior and exterior design


what we offer

Ethics Charter


Artisan competence and agility that frees the creative ability and pushes us to be enterprising


Art of moving borders by eliminating the words "impossible" and "never" from our vocabulary


Strong value which means authenticity;
Skills acquired combined with the desire to move forward with dynamism


New paths to follow to retain our customers, remaining humble, upright and faithful to ethics

Our history

our company

Ala Nautical Design srl was born from a professional experience that began in the 1980s in the field of solar roofing, ranging from construction to the tertiary sector to the military. In the 90s it specializes in the nautical sector with highly innovative and original solutions. In 2009 it acquired the Chance srl brand. Thanks to the experience gained in the nautical sector, Ala Nautical Design Chance transfers technology and the choice of materials suitable for the execution of each process to the residential sector, demonstrating perfect harmony with the world of research and new lifestyles. Ala Nautical Design Chance designs and realizes custom improvement and functional solutions for every furnishing need, combining the technical performance of the fabrics with the furnishing and comfort needs. The two partners, Francesco and Laura, know that knowledge of the product is essential to manage a company well: a balanced mix of tradition and innovation, culture and research, passion and heart. Creativity and passion are combined with method and rigor to obtain continuous results. The specialization of resources is aimed at maximizing the quality of the products for each division. The IT process of order management allows you to monitor each phase of the processing cycle in real time. It also allows a rigorous quality control and punctuality of the delivery times of the materials in production. The Ala Nautical Design Chance company has state-of-the-art equipment and software that allow the detection of 3D measurements while working in the production plant as if it were at the customer's facility.


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Why choose us

The company diversifies its production in the various fields of interest, always starting from the specific request from its client. It satisfies every customer request by formulating a rough estimate drawn up following surveys, measurements and checks that certify its feasibility. Constant attention to trends, attention to detail and the precise execution of the product are elements that have always distinguished the production of ...

Expert Somfy

It means being recognized as experienced professionals in motorization and automation in constant training to give the best solution to your needs.
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“I have been collaborating with ALA NAUTICAL DESIGN for years. The quality of the product / work offered and, above all, the competence and punctuality in execution are essential for those like me who work in the world of furniture supplies "
Roberto F.
The ALA NAUTICAL company has for years been synonymous with reliability and competence, both in the accurate knowledge of the proposed materials and in the attention to the smallest details. The willingness to meet the customer's requests is accompanied by the precision of the work and compliance with the delivery times. Overall an excellent collaboration "
A. P.
Competence, Efficiency, Resilience:
Three undoubted qualities proven over time

Furniture and design projects

residential, private

Chance deals with furnishing and residential design projects by carrying out customizations and custom items also based on the customer's design.
• Residential: garden, outdoor furniture
• Special projects: external patio cover

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